Street Art by Max Zorn Making of Tape Art

Max Zorn tape art yo… 


It’s a Hard Life

Queen’s It’s a Hard Life done at the Prince’s Trust concert. Tom Chaplin from Keane on vocals.

Wouldn’t be right to leave Freddy out.


The Addicts: Viva la Revolution


Bad Brains: Sailin’ On

I saw Bad Brains for the first time in the mid 80’s. I was young and I went with my brother. They played at the Santa Monica Civic. The Addicts were headlining and I hadn’t heard much of Bad Brains, except for Pay to Cum. After Bad Brains went on stage I remember already feeling bad for the Addicts.

There was  no way they could top Bad Brains. HR was doing stage dives off of speaker stacks that were 20 feet above the stage. I’d never seen anything like that. It was before they started mixing a lot of Reggae into their sets.. it was all straight ahead American hardcore. It was incredible.

After the show my brother and I walked out to the Santa Monica Pier. I remember ringing my shirt out like it was a wet rag, watching it soak the ground and laughing outloud. I thought at the time that I had just experienced something that I’d never see again. I was right.

First of the Gang to Die

The punk rock hairs on my neck stand up when Morrisey is mentioned, but this is a good song, a good record and there aren’t many that can work a stage or crowd like him. First of the gang to die.


Men’s Restroom Sink Enticements?

Royal Wedding Meets Star Wars