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World’s Largest Shooting Range

Nevada Senator Harry Reid meets with (from right to left) Wayne La Pierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association, Chris Cox the Executive Director of the NRA-ILA and Larry Keane, Senior Vice President of the National Sports Shooting Foundation, after delivering remarks at the Clark County Shooting Park opening. Via Digital

Las Vegas outdoes itself again with the grand opening of the new Clark County Shooting Park which is being billed as the “World’s largest shooting range.” I was under the impression that Afghanistan  held the record, but I stand corrected. According to Digital

The world’s largest and most advanced shooting range officially opened today in North Las Vegas with a host of dignitaries. The $60 million Clark County Shooting Park is both large and comprehensive, designed to attract not only locals, but shooting enthusiasts from around the world.

Good for you Vegas. Competitive and recreational shooting is a great sport and is unfairly victimized by political agendas, by both political parties. Take away the stigma and paranoia about, what many people don’t understand, and you’re left with a quality sport with quality people who participate.

If everyone had a chance to experience the sport of shooting it would quickly fade as a political hot potato. If you think that’s a political statement, it’s not – just a fact. Does your town need the biggest shooting range in the world? I’m not sure, let’s ask Hunter…

Hunter S. Thompson in situ...


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Horse Barstool and Table

Horse barstool and table via Nerd Approved.

Hank III 87 SouthBound

Hank the III singing the standard… Good barfly song.

Punk Rock Flyers

Tons of old flyers from has Arizona punk rock flyers, pics and some mp3s, and is a great site. They have content from LA too. If you have any past, current or ongoing connection with the real punk scene you could spend days on this site.

Strange Norwegian Light or Copyrighted Stock Image?

Via Rex Features/Daily Mail has a story about a mysterious nighttime light that has mystified astronomers. According to Popular Science:

A blue light first appeared from behind a mountain, and created a giant spiral in the sky within seconds. Perhaps even more baffling, a green-blue beam of light appeared to shoot from the center.

Lord of the Barflies would like to offer an alternative explanation that what Norwegian astronomers are actually looking at is a giant watermarked copyright protected stock image. The similarities are shocking…

Available on for about 20 cents