Bruce Lee Interview from Pierre Berton

From the Pierre Berton Show.


Liquid Sky Trailer

From Wikipedia, an excerpt of the plot:

A New Wave fashion show is to be held in a crowded Manhattan nightclub. Among the models are bisexual, cocaine addicted fashion model Margaret (Anne Carlisle), and Jimmy (also played by Carlisle). Jimmy is Margaret’s rival and nemesis and also loves cocaine, constantly hassling Margaret’s drug-dealer girlfriend Adrian (Paula E. Sheppard) for drugs despite not having any money to pay for them.

A UFO about the size of a dinner plate lands on the rooftop of the penthouse apartment occupied by Margaret and Adrian. Jimmy accompanies Margaret home before the show, but he’s actually trying to find Adrian’s drugs. Margaret meanwhile is being watched by a tiny, shapeless alien from inside the UFO. Margaret and Jimmy return to the club to participate in the show. During preparations both agree to a photographic shoot the following night on Margaret’s rooftop. They are assured that there will be plenty of cocaine available at the shoot.

Karl’s Disco Wiener Haven

What do you get if you put Courtney Love, Joe Strummer, the Pogues, Grace Jones, Dennis Hopper, Dick Rude, Elvis Costello and a mess-load of others into a hastily made spaghetti western? Well one of the things you get is Zander Schloss, Circle Jerks, performing Karl’s Disco Wiener Haven from Alex Cox’s “Straight to Hell.”

Kubrick Bar Stool?

This bar stool is 2/3 2001 A Space Odyssey monolith and 1/3 infomercial home gym equipment. It’s interesting looking, but if you’re planning on staying upright on this I’d recommend sticking to club soda and lime. It was found here.

Suburbia Trailer

I’ve always loved this movie…

Cab Calloway, Minnie the Moocher

There’s a Wiki entry that provides insight into a life that you, the proverbial “you;” couldn’t imagine, don’t deserve to have, but probably take credit for… (well we all embellish):

In 1941 Calloway fired Dizzy Gillespie from his orchestra after an onstage fracas erupted when Calloway was hit with spitballs. He wrongly accused Gillespie, who stabbed Calloway in the leg with a small knife. [3]

It’s funny how we, the all knowing 21st century “we,” think we’re so much more “extreme” than everyone else. The lesson learned is that…. neither you, nor your nose-piercing/tattoo(s)/whimpering drug habit or  blatantly lame and loud complaining self, makes the world around you more interesting, unique or insightful.

Not that piercings, tattoos or complaints are bad… They’re just fine. It all comes out in the wash. What it boils down to is two types of people. Those who create, and those who follow those who create…

Calloway was  a creator, right up in to his death – who are you?

Pat Robertson is a Piece of Crap

Pat Robertson is a delusional, religious-carpet-bagging, false prophet, opportunist, christian profiteer, piece of garbage in a $2,000 suit…  This we all knew, but it’s always exciting when he says it himself…

Fuck you Pat Robertson and thank you for playing.