Lewbowski Fest LA 2010 This Weekend!

This is high on the LOTB radar screen. Oh, what to wear…


Nobody F’s With Jesus

This week is kicking my ass a little, so I need to be reminded to not waiver. Like you, I find strength in Jesus.

Scarface, You Know – For Kids

(via Cynical-C) As near as I can tell this is the only reason to have children…


Galileo's phases of the moon

From Wikipedia’s entry on Monday:

The English noun Monday derived sometime before 1200 from monedæi, which itself developed from Old English (around 1000) mōnandæg and mōndæg (literally meaning “moon‘s day”), which is cognate to other Germanic languages, including Old Frisian mōnadeig, Middle Low German and Middle Dutch mānendach (modern Dutch Maandag), Old High German mānetag (modern German Montag), and Old Norse mánadagr (Swedish and Norwegian nynorsk måndag. Danish and Norwegian bokmål mandag). The Germanic term is a Germanic interpretation of Latin lunae dies (“day of the moon”).[1]

In many Slavic languages the name of the day eschews pagan tradition and translates as “after Sunday/holiday” (Russian понедельник (poniediélnik), Polish poniedzialek. In Turkish it is called “pazartesi”, which means the day after Sunday. In most Indic languages, the word for Monday is dervied from Sanskrit Sōmavāra[2]. Japanese and Korean share the same ancient Chinese words … for Monday which means day of the moon.

In my language it just means “back to work.”

The Black and Tan

Wikipedia has an entry on the Black and Tan. Don’t order one in Ireland:

Contrary to popular belief, however, Black and Tan is not a drink commonly consumed in Ireland. Indeed the drink has image problems in parts of Ireland and elsewhere due to the association with the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force which was sent into Ireland by British Secretary of State for War, Winston Churchill, during the Lloyd George premiership in the early 1920s and nicknamed the Black and Tans.

Ben and Jerry’s had to find out the hard way:

In March 2006, Ben and Jerry’s released an ice cream flavor in the United States for Saint Patrick’s Day inspired by the drink; the name offended Irish nationalists because of the paramilitary association. Ben and Jerry’s has since apologized. A spokesman told Reuters, “Any reference on our part to the British Army unit was absolutely unintentional and no ill-will was ever intended.”

Drinking with the Wench blog has a Black and Tan dissection that’s pretty good here.

Marlboro Cigarette Ads

Marlboro Cigarettes Blog has Marlboro ads through time. Here are a few…

From 1952. Please smoke so you decide not to beat me ad.

It’s not easy to look cool with goggles on. It’s also not easy to type goggles without accidentally reflex typing google.

I’ll leave this one alone…

Caveman Trailer