Malaguena Salerosa – Chingon

Malaguena Salerosa Chingonized by director Robert Rodriguez’s band, Chingon.

A more traditional version here. Great song, either way you slice it.




Heading To The Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival This Weekend

There’s a lot going on in Los Angeles this weekend. Grilled Cheese Festival, Festival of Books, Poppies… LOTB is heading out to the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. Food, live music on  five stages and beer all on a dusty western movie set (location of HBO’s Deadwood). Done and done. Hope to see you there.

Hockey Playoffs Heat Up: Kings vs Canucks – Enjoy It While It Lasts

Let’s face it, after hockey and basketball playoffs are over the sports world goes into hibernation until the NFL cranks back up for preseason in August and opening day in September. Until then it’s going to be a steady diet of golf and baseball for the sports minded. Nothing against baseball, but meaningless mid-season games can seem more like detention than sporting events.

Golf is watchable again, now that Tiger is back, but it’s not something that you work yourself into a beer soaked frenzy about. Watching golf is kind of like going to a museum; the broader your foundation of knowledge, the more you appreciate the artistry. You’re also not allowed to make any noise and your surrounded by pretentious a-holes.

Anyway, the Kings have tied the Canucks in the first round western NHL playoffs. Two overtime games, series split. Great series.

Calsberg Employees Fight Tyranny

Everyone’s heard the story of Carlsberg employees walking off the job because of drinking restrictions, yes? Umm, Carlsberg…

Oops, got a little distracted.

The real interesting angle of this story is how much sales for Carlsberg will rise with the publicity. I can tell you on a personal note, they’ll rise the price of a six pack tomorrow.

“Rushing the Growler”

The Growler has a pretty extensive collection of articles, pictures and information about the “Growler” and its place in American culture.

From the site:

Before bottled beer became economical and common (especially after the widespread use of pasteurization in the mid-1800’s) in the US, if one wanted beer outside of the saloon, it was usually draught beer filled and carried out in a growler, aka a “can” or “bucket” of beer.

Is it possible that the pre-prohibition custom of bringing a pail of beer to work should be revisited? Maybe to piggyback on the notion of “causual Friday” we could implement “Growler Mondays?” – So far I”m not hearing any arguments against that make sense to me…

Tiger Abides At The Masters

Getty Images

Tiger Woods cares as much about LOTB’s personal life as  I do his. It’s a bond we share. If the proof is in the pudding about what  golf fans think about Tiger, than the pudding is all over the over-hyping media opportunists collective face.

They jumped at the chance to profit and feast on Woods family drama, and at the end of the day, looks like people just want to see him golf. Go figure.