Movie Titles Spoken in Movies

Revealing a movie’s title within the same movie is a long Hollywood tradition. This is a collection I found posted on



White Riot – The Clash vs. The Angelic Upstarts?

The Clash, White Riot live. 1978 Victoria Park London. Great video taken from backstage.

It’s a great Clash song, of course, but I’ve always loved the Angelic Upstarts version…

Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack and Johnny Depp


Hunter S. Thompson, John Cusack and Jonny Depp undated photo.

Found a really cool website today while browsing Cynical-C who asked the question, “What sites do you visit daily.” One commenter posted This is Not Porn which has a great archive of candid photos of celebrities.



The only thing in life is memories. Memories you have of the people you know, or the people you knew.

Memories of the things you did or the things you’re are doing. The future is all about planning so you’ll have memories that you’ll want to look back on.

There is no present. Just the past you remember and the past you’re looking to create.

If I Should Fall From the Grace of God

Tom Waits/Norah Jones Mashup, “Long Way Home”

Was watching Norah Jones on Farm Aid and couldn’t help but hear some Tom Waits in there somewhere. Wondered if they ever did a duet, although I know she covered Long Way Home. Turns out, she’s a fan, but no duet that I found. Here’s her cover mashed with Tom Waits’ version.  Found this here.