The Bottom Pour

Warning: Video may cause hypnosis.  Via Fashion Break LA.


Beer Sling, Because It’s a War Out There

Officially known as the Beerdoiler (hyperlink accurate but deadends). Via

Nat Geo Goes “David Hockney” To Capture Giant Redwoods

Giant Redwoods are amazing.

Strange Norwegian Light or Copyrighted Stock Image?

Via Rex Features/Daily Mail has a story about a mysterious nighttime light that has mystified astronomers. According to Popular Science:

A blue light first appeared from behind a mountain, and created a giant spiral in the sky within seconds. Perhaps even more baffling, a green-blue beam of light appeared to shoot from the center.

Lord of the Barflies would like to offer an alternative explanation that what Norwegian astronomers are actually looking at is a giant watermarked copyright protected stock image. The similarities are shocking…

Available on for about 20 cents