Royal Wedding Meets Star Wars



Movie Titles Spoken in Movies

Revealing a movie’s title within the same movie is a long Hollywood tradition. This is a collection I found posted on


Tom Waits/Norah Jones Mashup, “Long Way Home”

Was watching Norah Jones on Farm Aid and couldn’t help but hear some Tom Waits in there somewhere. Wondered if they ever did a duet, although I know she covered Long Way Home. Turns out, she’s a fan, but no duet that I found. Here’s her cover mashed with Tom Waits’ version.  Found this here.

The Duel…


Super Bowl Sunday Secret Ingredient?

How to Eat a Chicken Wing

Hadn’t seen one of these tutorials  for a while, but as just posted on Cynical-C, the proper way to eat a chicken wing. Amaze your friends and family.


Dance with Somebody?

Via This one gets a sentimental “ahhhhhhhhhhhh.”